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Abbott, Edwin > Flatland

Abdul et al > Taxi Driver Wisdom

Abish, Walter > How German Is It

Ahmed, Nafeez Mosaddeq > The War on Freedom

Alegria, Claribel, and Darwin Flakoll > Death of Somoza

Alibek, Ken > Biohazard

Allen, David > Getting Things Done

Altick, Richard > The Scholar Adventurers

Ambler, Eric > Background to Danger, Cause for Alarm, Journey Into Fear, A Coffin for Dimitrios

Anderson, Jon Lee > Che Guevara

Armantrout, Rae > True

Arundhati Roy > The Cost of Living.

Auster, Paul > Oracle Night

Azerrad, Michael > Our Band Could Be Your Life

Azuela, Mariano > The Underdogs

Bagge, Peter > Buddy Does Jersey, Apocalpypse Nerd

Bain, Donald > The CIA's Control of Candy Jones

Baker, Nicholson > Checkpoint

Ballard, J.G. > Super-Cannes, Rushing to Paradise

Banksy > Wall and Piece

Bardin, John Franklin > The Deadly Percheron

Barry, Lynda > One Hundred Demons

Beaty, Jonathan & S.C. Gwynne > Outlaw Bank

Ben-Menashe, Ari > Profits of War

Berenson, Alex > The Faithful Spy

Bernhard, Thomas > Correction, Extinction

Bernstein, Carl, and Bob Woodward > All The President's Men

Bernstein, Charles > My Way, Republics of Reality

Bitz, Gregory > War Hangover

Bourdain, Anthony > Kitchen Confidential

Bök, Christian > Eunoia

Bowart, Walter > Operation Mind Control

Bowden, Mark > Black Hawk Down

Bowe, John, Marisa Bowe and Sabin Streeter > Gig

Boyd, Joe > White Bicycles

Brinkley, Dannion > Saved by the Light

Buchan, John > The 39 Steps

Carducci, Joe > Enter Naomi

Castillo, Celerino III > Powderburns

Cavanagh, John > The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Chandler, Raymond > The Big Sleep; Farewell, My Lovely; The High Window; The Lady in the Lake; Later Novels

Chernyavsky, V. > The CIA in the Dock

Chiang, Ted > Story of Your Life (and Others)

Chomsky, Noam > 9-11

Clarke, Miranda > Night Of A Thousand Boyfriends

Clarke, Richard > Against All Enemies

Clowes, Daniel > Ghost World, Twentieth Century Eightball

Cockburn, Alexander, and Jeffery St. Clair > Whiteout

Cockburn, Andrew and Leslie > One Point Safe

Coetze, J.M. > Disgrace

Coll, Steve > Ghost Wars

Collins, Francis > The Language of God

Cormier, Robert > I Am the Cheese

Corn, David > Blond Ghost

Corso, Philip > The Day After Roswell

Crichton, Michael > The Andromeda Strain

Crumb, Robert > Kafka / Kafka for Beginners

Danielewski, Mark Z. > House of Leaves

Dasquié, Guillanme & Jean-Charles Brisard > Forbidden Truth

Davis, Lydia > Blind Date, Sketches For A Life Of Wassily

Debray, Regis > The Border and A Young Man in the Know

DeLillo, Don > White Noise, Libra

Dibdin, Michael > Ratking, Vendetta

Dick, Philip K. > The Minority Report

Dunn, Mark > Ella Minnow Pea

Dyer, Joel > Harvest of Rage

Dylan, Bob > Chronicles 1

Eagleton, Terry > Saints and Scholars

Edmonds, Ben > Marvin Gaye

Edson, Russell > What A Man Can See

Ehrenreich, Barbara > Nickel and Dimed

Engel, Richard > A Fist in the Hornets Nest

Fabricant, M. Chris > Busted

Foucault, Michel > Language, Countermemory, Practice

Fox, Emmett > The Sermon on the Mount

Franken, Al > Lies

Gerrold, David > The Man Who Folded Himself

Gladman, Rene > The Activist

Goff, Stan > Hideous Dream

Gourevitch, Philip > A Cold Case

Greene, Graham > The Human Factor, The Quiet American

Greer, Steven > Disclosure

Grenier, Robert > 30 from sentences

Griffin, David Ray > The New Pearl Harbor

Hahn, Thich Nhat > Anger

Hamilton, Alfred Starr > The Poems Of

Hammet, Dashiell > Dead Yellow Women, The Continental Op, The Maltese Falcon

Hamper, Ben > Rivethead

Haskell, John > I Am Not Jackson Pollock

Hatfield, J.H. > Fortunate Son

Hatfield, Lynn > Hot & Cool

Herr, Michael > Dispatches

Hoffman, David > The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror.

Household, Geoffrey > Rogue Male

J., Anjelica > Fermentation

James, Bill > Lovely Mover, Gospel

Johnson, B.S. > The Unfortunates

Johnson, Denis > Seek, Jesus' Son

Jones, Thom > The Pugilist at Rest

Kadare, Ismail > The File on H., The Palace of Dreams

Kafka, Franz > The Castle, The Trial , Amerika, Great Short Works, Diaries

Kalesniko, Mark > Why Did Pete Duel Kill Himself?

Kerr, Philip > A Philosophical Investigation, March Violets, The Pale Criminal, Esau

King, Bob > The Final Mission

King, Stephen > The Stand, On Writing

Klein, Naomi > Shock Doctrine

Komunyakaa, Yusef > Dien Cai Dau

Kosinski, Jerzy > Cockpit

Kot, Greg > Ripped

Krakauer, Jon > Into The Wild, Into Thin Air

Lakoff, George > Moral Politics

Landis, Geoffrey > Mars Crossing

LeCarre, John > The Little Drummer Girl, Absolute Friends, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, The Constant Gardener

Lee, Martin E., & Bruce Shlain > Acid Dreams

Lem, Stanislaw > Eden, Solaris, The Investigation, Star Diaries, The Invincible, His Master's Voice

Lessing, Doris > The Fifth Child

Levin, Ira > The Stepford Wives

Levine, Michael, and Laura Kavanau > Triangle of Death

Levine, Noah > Dharma Punx

Levine, Stacey > Dra-

Loney, Alan > Meditatio: the printer printed: manifesto

Lovell, Jim, & Jeffrey Kluger > Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13

Lutz, Gary > Stories in the Worst Way, I Looked Alive

Mankell, Henning > Faceless Killers, The Dogs of Riga, The Man Who Smiled, One Step Behind, The White Lioness, The Fifth Woman, Firewall, Sidetracked, The Return of the Dancing Master, Before the Frost, Depths, The Man From Beijing, Italian Shoes, The Eye of the Leopard, Kennedy's Brain

Markson, David > Reader's Block

Martel, Yann > Life of Pi

Martens, Eugene > Waste

Martin, Al > The Conspirators

Mason, Robert > Chickenhawk; Chickenhawk: Back in the World

McCarthy, Cormac > No Country For Old Men, The Road, Suttree

McCarthy, Tom > Remainder

McElhatton, Heather > Pretty Little Mistakes

McCoy, Alfred > The Politics of Heroin

McGruder, Aaron, Reginald Hudlin,& Kyle Baker > Birth of a Nation

Miller, Frank & David Mazzucchelli >Daredevil

Mills, James > The Underground Empire

Modley, Rudolf > A History of the War

Monterroso, Augusto > Complete Works and Other Stories

Moore, Alan & Dave Gibbons > Watchmen

Moore, Michael > Stupid White Men

Mulcahey, Greg > Out of Work

Murakami, Huruki > After The Quake

Hornby, Nick > Songbook

O'Brien, Tim > The Things They Carried

O'Grady, John > Grave Goods

O'Neil, Daniel X > Memo to All Employees

Ohle, David > Motorman

Ottaviani, Jim, et al. > Fallout

Palahniuk, Chuck > Fight Club

Perec, Georges > "53 Days"

Phillips, David Atlee > The Night Watch

Popkin, Richard > The Second Oswald

Preston, Richard > The Cobra Event

Preston, Richard > The Demon in the Freezer, The Hot Zone

Priest, Christopher > The Inverted World

Queenan, Joe > Balsamic Dreams

Queneau, Raymond > Exercises in Style

Quin, Ann > Berg

Rakoff, David > Fraud

Raffel, Dawn > Carrying the Body

Ralls, Ted > To Afghanistan and Back

Ramachandran, V.S., and Sandra Blakeslee > Phantoms in the Brain

Rawicz, Slavomir > The Long Walk

Redonnet, Marie > Nevermore

Rekulak, Jason > The Writer's Block

Robbins, Christopher > Air America

Robert A. Rosenstone > Romantic Revolutionary

Dr. Joel Robertson with Tom Monte > Natural Prozac

Rogers, Jim > Investment Biker

Roussel, Raymond > How I Wrote Certain of My Books

Rule, Ann > The Stranger Beside Me

Ruppelt, Edward > The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects

Sacco, Joe > The Fixer, Palestine, War's End

Antoine de Saint-Exupery > Airman's Odyssey

Sanders, Ed > The Family

Saramago, Jose > Blindness

Satrapi, Marjane > Persepolis, Persepolis 2

Schneider, Peter > The Wall Jumper

Joe Schwartz and Michael McGuinness > Einstein for Beginners

Sedaris, David > Me Talk Pretty One Day

Seth > Wimbledon Green

Shawn, Wallace > The Designated Mourner, The Fever, Grasses of a Thousand Colors

Shepard, Sam > States of Shock

Shvets, Yuri > Washington Station

Simenon, Georges > Maigret and the Killer

Simpson, George Gaylord > The Dechronization of Sam Magruder

Sjöwall, Maj, & Per Wahloo > Martin Beck Series.

Sleator, William > House of Stairs

Slim, Iceberg > Trick Baby

Solstad, Dag > Shyness and Dignity.

Spacewurm > i listen

Spiegelman, Art > In The Shadow Of No Towers

Steiner, George > Proofs and Three Parables

Stone, Robert > Dog Soldiers

Styron, William > Darkness Visible

Suskind, Ron > The Price of Loyalty

Tate, Bronwyn > Within Like the Native Tongue the Vanquished

Taylor, Murray > Smokejumper

Tevis, Walter > The Man Who Fell to Earth

Thompson, Marilyn > The Killer Strain

Thompson, Paul > The Terror Timeline

Tomine, Adrian > Scrapbook, 32 Stories

Toole, F.X. > Rope Burns

Trimpey, Jack > The Small Book

Tufte, Edwin > The Cognitive Style Of Powerpoint

Twain, Mark > Huckleberry Finn

Varley, John > Millennium

Vise, David A. > The Bureau and the Mole

Vidal, Gore > Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace

Vollman, William > An Afghanistan Picture Show , Expelled From Eden

Vonnegut, Kurt > Slaughterhouse Five

Wallace, David Foster > Up Simba!, Tense Present

Ware, Chris > Jimmy Corrigan

Webb, Gary > Dark Alliance

Weisman, Alan > The World Without Us

Wilson, Edmund > To The Finland Station

Wittig, Rob > Invisible Rendezvous Woodward, Bob > Wired

Wright, Peter > Spycatcher

Wright , Stephen > Going Native

Wurlitzer, Rudolph > Hard Travel to Sacred Places

Wyndham, John > Day of the Triffids

Xiaolong., Qiu > When Red is Black.

Yancey, Richard > Confessions of an Income Tax Collector

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