My Life in the Eclectic Seizure Radio Theater Collective a memoir by the Eclectic Guy

Incomplete List of Broadcasts: Eclectic Seizure, Rock Geek F.M., William's Mix, and other radio shows by William Gillespie & friends

Date Title of show / cassette What Media Listenability
1991-July-12 The Human Segue Trying to get from the Country show to the funk show in 2 hours. 19910702human_segue_ska_A
1992 July 26 Bananas A radio play starring Rick Burkhardt, Bethany Cooper, Mark Enslin, Joe Futrelle, William Gillespie    
  Tuesday, Tuesday      
1992 August 9 Jack Testosterone Show Breakthrough half-scripted half-improvised riffing in various styles of FM announcers: Rick Burkhardt, Joe Futrelle, William Gillespie    
1992 August 16 Jack Testosterone Show      
Labor Day 1992 Static Show We brought our own static to the station, and wrote scripts and songs using static, including Adam Cain's Static Song.Rick Burkhardt, Mark Enslin, William Gillespie.    
6 October 1992 The Well-Tempered Tantrum A story by William Gillespie scored for four voices, K90.1 FM, and a live update on what the other FM stations were doing for listeners who were considering touching that dial.    
25 October 1992 10 25 92 / No SLACK / Bob Carlot's Illini Sportstalk Minute Typewritten parody of WDWS AM featuring a left-wing Rush Limbaugh: Left Counteract, a character invented, written, and performed (I think) by Keith Johnson. Featuring Elizabeth "Moth," a woman who emerged from the pond at the Gesundheit Institute, appeared on Eclectic Seizure, and flew off into time.    
29 October 1992 Cooking with Jaw Some band embedded in a bewildering number of radio theater scripts by the Eclectic Guy, some band & Casey Malone    
23 November 1992


the COLD COLD liquid Ditch

The night I drove into a ditch after the broadcast driving around in the country in the middle of the night listening to a tape of the show. It was that good. Michael Holloway, me, Rick, Mark, Keith   Exquisite Seizure!
27 December 1992 [SCREW] Nonsense 2 Weird, wonderful, & with whales. Cummings, Beckett, Stein, William, Rick, Keith... et al.   Mmm...
  Miscellaneous Show Engineer Keith Johnson on Squirrels / The Show They Wouldn't Let Into the Military. A great show orbiting gay consciousness. A surprising performance by the Eclectic Guy. A script probably by Keith Johnson featuring Mark Enslin in a helicopter. Rick Burkhardt reads Jean Genet. Some good Maestro Subgum and the Whole. And some goofing around with the wireless microphone, as WEFT roving reporter Chip Wilcox (Adam Cain) gets into Keith's van and drives away, while broadcasting.   L+ A+


"if we had known we was gonna be eclectic..." Very nice mix, from Bach to the Last Poets, and our performance of "Death," a play by Woody Allen, is a keeper. Keith Johnson, William Gillespie.   LA

1993 April 16

Nice Weather Downstate. Good electronic music, Penn Jillette listens to Ralph Records. This show features "Neighborhood Record Collection Salesman" by Keith Johnson, and some ill-advised cut-ups.   XX

1993 24 May

MUSICPHOBIA Absolutely baffling. A dense, aetherial mix from way back when I was heavily into relaxation tapes and motivational cassettes of various sorts. Oh, whoops, that was the show before mine. This always happens when I listen to these tapes: I am amazed at how wonderfully eclectic my show is, and then I discover that it was the previous show: Doug Down with "Departing Platform 5."   L+

1993 June 13


Feldenkrais. Interview with Larry Goldfarb, "Feldenkrais Guy," and discussion of the Feldenkrais movement education program.   XX
1993 June 27 "Wild desire formed and focused on steel and wheels" The tape opens with a bunch of intolerable squeaking, which turns out to have beem the previous show. I didn't say a word and spun a lovely mix of gentle British psychedelic B-sides, fading into rough British punk.   L+
1993 July 4 Fourth of July with Kate McDowell      
1993 July 14 A/OLD MISS MAHONES This is a prerecorded tape for a broadcast. It consists of a song "Old Miss Mahones" by Brendan Holloway, and an interview with Herbert Brün conducted by, and (to the detriment of this recording) simultaneously typed into a computer by, Joel Chadabe. The interview is interesting, but one wonders why he recorded it and keyed it in simultaneously, unless he was simply desperate to show off his laptop.   X
1993 November 13 "We're going to be in real trouble." Segue-free radio, or The Night of 100 Records. This is an interesting mix of new music, novelties, and sound effects. It has archivable moments, especially during the recorded segment of the show that came on before mine. (I would start the recording at home before I left home to go to the station and so I would record 20 minutes of the previous show)   LA
1994 January 24 HEARING AID RADIO Skits centered around and music related to... hearing aids. With original pieces by Susan Parenti, and performances with Herbert Brün, Rick Burkhardt, Mark Enslin, William Gillespie, Susan Parenti, Rishi Zutshi.    
  B SIDES FROM THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR OF OBLIVION Obscure mixes with two turntables: Herb Alpert, Timothy Leary, Robert Frost, Negativland, Good Morning Vietnam, in-studio electronic effects made with the delay on the variable-speed tape deck.   LA
1994 April 3 or March 4 (date format unclear) CPT.BEEFHEART TOM CORA 7 THE EX / RANDOM This radio show consists entirely of computer-generated text, including a press conference, answering machine messages, commercials, and pledge drive pitches. Sometimes you can hear the players reading scripts that are being read as they come cranking out of the noisy IBM proprinter we set up in the studio, along with my old PC convertible. The randomly-generated texts alternate with electronic music of various types.   L+ A
1994 May 16 EMERGENCY BACKUP RADIO JOE SHOW A radio broadcast dedicated to the the works of Joe Futrelle, then at Hampshire college. Man, this is fun to listen to! At the time, William Gillespie may have been the best living scholar on the works of Futrelle, and could whip out a vast multitude of basement tapes and rare texts. Virtually everyone who attempts to perform Futrelle's writing on this broadcast cracks up at some point. L A+ ["Fish Head Difficulty" is a great piece composed of sampled voicemail menus - if only we had remembered this one during "Answering MACHINE RADIO." And its great to hear "Critter Clatter", or at least its audible portions...], with Rick Burkhardt, Adam Cain, Mark Enslin, William Gillespie.    
1994 July 25 Cybersub Thump I think this was an overnight broadcast, substituting for the Cybersphere Guy, who came on after Eclectic Seizure. This show featured the Eclectic Guy and guest Joe Futrelle, featuring compositions by Joe, and the music of the Thump Piano Duo. When they try to mimic country airshifters, their accents wander all over the American south.   LA
1994 July 25 (continued).....Subbing Cyberjack Thump Ouch. There are a number of poetry performance experiments. "The Creep" verges on succesful. This overnight show descends into madness as Joe and William intentionally reenact every unprofessional mannerism radio hosts can have, and then proceed to play "Jumping Jack Flash" three times in a row. People actually called in to complain. We're lucky that's all they did. Parts of this show make it to the paradoxic extreme "so bad it's good," but the rest of it is merely so bad. There's some good rock music in between though.   A X
1994 July 25 (the agony of the five-hour overnight slot continued) SORRY->BONK The overnight airshifters continue their self-destructive cycle of playing commercial music they hate for no identified reason other than an aggressively cynical non-commercial stance.   X
1994 August 1 Pretenders An eclectic mix with some awkward experiments with narrative records and old radio plays. Some very nice music though, such as the Club Foot Orchestra's "Tango." An intense and metallic cover of the Stones' "We Love You" by musicians unknown. "(We're Gonna) Rock" by the Police Car Doors sets the time period. Joe Futrelle's Computer-assisted Linguistic Composition with multiple simultaneous word ladders is guaranteed to get all the dogs in the neighborhood barking.    
1994 August 29 Ravel, Ives, Schoenberg, Haydn and Ives. Could this be the original broadcast performance of that classic skit: "The Making of the Making Of Eclectic Seizure"?   A+ L+
July 1995 CIGARETTES A radio show in which every song uses the word "cigarettes," with the Eclectic Guy running out of songs and imploring listeners to call in the anmes of songs using the word "cigarette," with a great audience response that pulls the show through to two hours    
9 November 1997 The Olympics on TV at the Experimental Music Coffeehouse over the Radio in a Dorm Room , a radio play by the students of Music 199: Music and Beyond    
1998-12-07 WILLIWAW Live electric ukelele mayhem.  

2000-10-11 12 AM

newspoetry radio 

10/14/2000 12:00:00 AM from bard to verse (substituting for carl estabrook)

from bard to verse (substituting for carl estabrook)Hannah Arendt's & ee cumming's

birthday party, hosted by

William Gillespie & Danielle Chynoweth


2000-10-25 12 AM

New Music, featuring the works of Cooper Bethany Cooper came down to the station. We talked about the Three-Two Festival, Kaaija Saariaho, timbre, and Bethany's piece, which we played, and also the first movement of Maa. I also played pieces from the Three-Two concert by Rick Burkhardt, Susan Parenti, Mark Enslin, and Chris Mann, rounding them out with compositions by Herbert Brun taken from his Mutatis Mutandis CD. The Chris Mann, I felt, suffered from the quality of the recording - a bootleg captured directly to minidisc by Joe Futrelle - because it wasn't clear that Chris Mann was being unintelligible on purpose. So I didn't play all 15 + minutes, instead shifted gears abruptly when Peter Miller dropped by, and played a song by the Db's. Then I read a recent newspoem, Peter announced the upcoming trial, and we wished Paul Kotheimer a happy birthday. Thanks Bethany! Thanks Joe! Thanks Peter! Thanks for listening!    
2000-11-8 12 AM   Danielle Chynoweth with Radio Free Mexico    
2000-11-11 12 AM from bard to verse (substituting for carl estabrook) interview with q. synopsis re. johnny werd    
2000-11-22 12 AM Prince Myshkins The Prince Myshkins—Rick Burkhardt and Andy Gricevich—brought in music. Andy brought in a tape piece he composed this year, and Rick had an astounding piece of chamber music—a tape of a performance of it recently given in San Diego. In the last half-hour, they played an awesome set as the guitar-accordion duo known as the plural of the character from the Russian novel. They were in town because of a very sad event, the show came together at the last second and quite well. Thanks guys!    
2000-12-6 12 AM MC Carl Estabrook reads Wallace Shawn's The Fever      
2000-12-20 12 AM the year in newspoetry:a retrospective We had a great show: the year in Newspoetry. In attendance were Anne Bargar, Joe Futrelle, Anne Geraci, William Gillespie, Mike Lehman, Frank Lombaer, and Sam Patterson. Sam and Andy were visiting their families in Illinois for Xmas, and each made a special trip to East Central Champaign County in dangerous icy weather just for the show. Sam and Andy and Frank had prepared an elaborately-structured (I never did find out what the structure actually was) pre-produced cut-up remix of their poetry on a CD, still warm from Frank's CD burner. Scott called in his Pinsky conspiracy poem long distance from Chicago (apparently WEFT doesn't stream for Mac users: bummer, bummer), and Bill Wendling phoned in a request for "Time Warner and AOL Shove Each Other Up Each Other's Assholes." We debated with station manager Mick Woolf about the propriety of that, and, although he was mellow, we changed it to "buttholes." A couple of innovations helped channel Newspoetry into the miniscule funnel of a two-hour performance: 1. Joe brought a laptop with the whole site on it, allowing for much spontaneity. For example, I brought "Liberal Olympics," a Newspoetry reject penned back in Janaury, and hurreidly cast it. It turned out that, on the laptop, Joe had an ad for Rainforest Beer he had written specifically for that poem. He read it while we played "Becalmed" by Eno, God it was lovely. And 2. We all just took turns reading over and over until everyone had fainted from exhaustion - never mind segues, background music, or rehearsal. I think we got a lot of good audio for the Newspoetry site, and I'm pretty sure everyone had fun and got a chance to perform.    
2001-1-3 12 AM        
jan3  2001 Herbert Brün      
2001-1-17 12 AM Guest: Scott Rettberg of the Electronic Literature Organization On the radio show, Scott and I talked bout the state of the art of electronic literature. We debated whether or not we should use "www" when mentioning web addresses. And read a couple of pieces of Newspoetry: "Elegant (by Comparision)" and "Thank God For Texas" and the award-winning -- a scandalous government report. and some Rob Wittig. and some URLs. Richard Powers called into the show, that was cool. We talked about Lexica to Perplexica. We interviewed each other, eliding some basic questions.    
2001-1-31 12 AM Luigi Nono

I Played a bunch of Luigi Nono, and read excerpts from the liner notes, as well as Contemporary Music Review 18/1 and 18/2:
Luigi Nono: Fragments and Silence
Luigi Nono: The Suspended Song

Both were published in 1999, and I was the first person to check out either from the University of Illinois Music Library. (This always happens to me, I am frequently the first person to check out a book, even books which have been sitting in the library for many years.) I almost bought a copy of Intolerranza.

Thanks to Enslin & Futrelle for content.

2001-02-03 ?      
2001-2-14 12 AM The Love Show Sarah Carsey & I played music and read poetry about Love. We played a bunch of the Db's, P.J. Harvey, Kate Bush, Annette Peacock, Kronos Quartet, Lydia Davis, Denis Johnson, Uncle Bonzai, Peggy Seeger, and others. Michael Holloway liked it, and announced his retirement from the field of poetry, when I told him that Sarah had penned her two poems in the studio during the first hour of the show. Kind of reminds me of the old days. It was a good time. I gave Mick Wolf a slice of pesto pizza.  
2001-2-28 12 AM Piano Show I played solo piano music, music with lead piano, backward piano ("2000 Light Years From Home"), very sparse piano ("Lie Still Little Bottle")), two pianos ("Test Pattern"), two pianos and tape, and, of course, prepared piano. Not to mention a piece for piano and violin. The music was composed by Herbert Brün, John Cage, Luciano Berio, Ben Folds Five, Beethoven (A brand new track—Piano Sonata #1—off the Traffic soundtrack), Carla Bley, They Might be Giants, Johann Sebastian Bach (Glenn Gould's historic debut recording), Rubén González, Thelonius Monk, Tom Waits, Marc Blitzstein, and Krzystof Penderecki. I had a cold and talked funny. I like pianos.    
2001-2-3 Herbert I did a show in memory of Herbert Brün, featuring mostly his compositions, interspersed with relevant excerpts from the liner notes, from his book My Words and Where I Want Them, and from Herbert's essay "The Listener's Interpretation of Music—An Experience of Cause and Effect." I began the show by encouraging the listening audience not simply to have the radio on, but to sit still and listen to it. I said that smoking and drinking were permissible, provided they were done quietly, and then played a single pop song to give peope a chance to get settled before Herbert's music began. The pop song, dedicated to our new president-select, was "Hidden Agenda" by the Foremen.

2001-3-14 12 AM Women's History Month:
female composers of classical (and 20th Century) music
Co-host: Sarah Carsey of Radio Girl.
Sarah Carsey provided valuable research, including a homemade CD of classical music downloaded off Napster. Yep, Hildegard von Bingen is on Napster. Thanks to Mark Enslin for providing from his personal library twice as much music as I would otherwise have had. Thanks to Susan for the works of Parenti and (Pamela) Z. This show was not a historical overview, and focused largely on female composers who had studied at the University of Illinois. We played Leslie Olson, Carla Scaletti, Elaine Barkin, Mary Lee Roberts, Linda Antas, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Laetitia deCompiegne Sonami, Libby Larsen, some older (Renaissance) pieces provided by Sarah, and others. I kept saying the show was "classical music by female composers," and let the listener decide whether that made sense. What, for lack of a more precise term, I call "academic music," would seem to be at least as male-dominated as other art forms or academic disciplines.    
2001-3-28 12 AM Special Guest Warren Burt Warren Burt & I played music, then jammed. Spoken word and improv, Bob Perelman and us


2001-4-11 12 AM Poetry: Newspoetry & Michael Holloway      
2001-4-25 12 AM The music of Iannis Xenakis
(hosted by Mark Enslin)
2001-5-5 12 AM (From Bard to Verse)
L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poetry:
Michael Palmer, Bob Perelman, Leslie Scalopino, Barrett Watten
(hosted by Lorien Carsey & William Gillespie)
2001-5-9 12 AM David Markson's Wittgenstein's Mistress      
2001-5-23 12 AM Pop Songs & Compositions      
2001-6-6 12 AM SSFW
a story by William Gillespie
(starring Paul Kotheimer as Cyrus)
2001-6-20 12 AM Rock Production Techniques: the Art of the Studio
(hosted by William Gillespie and Paul Kotheimer)

On the radio show, Paul Kotheimer and I had a free-fall discussion of recording techniques. We gave numerous examples, dissecting and reconstructing recordings by The Beatles, XTC, and Paul Kotheimer, and touching on the Beach Boys, Buddy Holly, Les Paul, and the Herring Boys.

2001-7-4 12 AM Fireworks Music ( to complement the local fireworks display)      
2001-7-18 12 AM Wallace Shawn's The Designated Mourner
performed by Carl Estabrook, Helen Estabrook, and William Gillespie
2001-8-1 12 AM How to listen to John Cage without talking      
2001-8-15 12 AM Alix Olson / Woodstock Anniversary      
2001-8-29 12 AM Newspoetry      
2001-9-12 12 AM Prince Myshkins / Paul Kotheimer      
2001-9-26 12 AM Thoughts on the War / String Quartets and Electronic Music      
2001-10-10 12 AM Eclectic Seizure Retrospective/<2:00:00 songs      
2001-10-24 12 AM Dave Shoresman Memorial Ska Show

Dave Shoresman was my best friend in middle school. We did several ska shows with Rob Keller.

A season of death, a bad year.

2001-11-7 12 AM William Vollman's An Afghanistan Picture Show, or How I Saved the World      
2001-11-21 12 AM Travelling Editorial Roadshow      
2001-12-5 12 AM ten nine ten-minute pieces.

I played nine ten-minute pieces by Herbert Brün, Michael Daugherty, Harry Partch, Negativland, Luciano Berio, King Crimson, Scott Johnson, Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band, and Annette Peacock.

I played also the following joke:

1. "This is Eclectic Seizure. And now I'm going to play a little heavy metal"

[sound effect: Heavy Metal Falling]

"Okay. And now I'm going to play a string quartet..."

2. "This is Eclectic Seizure, and I'm trying to keep things eclectic tonight. I've played some classical and some art rock, so here's a little pop."

[sound effect: Pop and Explosion]

"Okay. Here's Harry Partch..."

3. "I'm trying to be eclectic tonight, so here's a little punk:"

[sound effect: Baby Crying]

"Okay. And now for a little wave:"

[sound effect: Water Lappin]

"And here's some rock!"

[sound of me dropping gravel on the mixing board. Captain Beefheart.]

4. "And now here's some jazz fusion"

[Keith Jarrett, briefly, then sound effect: Nuclear Explosion]

2001-12-19 12 AM Phil Ochs' Birthday! (including a reneactment of Phil's testimony at the Chicago 7 trial)      
2002-1-2 12 AM jan 2 Newspoetry: 2001 in Review      
2002-1-16 12 AM Maria Silva and William Gillespie Play Beautiful Music and Read Beautiful Poetry in Spanish and English      
2002-1-30 12 AM Warren Burt. "Smooth Jazz."   20020410Burt  
2002-2-13 12 AM Valentine's Day our way, with Maria Silva Maria Silva and I spun Valentine music, our way, with a guest appearance by Sascha Meinrath reading a Neruda sonnet in simultaneous translation with Maria: it was hot.

2002-2-27 12 AM ZENO'S SHOW: Songs in descending order of length

The idea was to fill a two-hour timeslot with one one-hour piece of music, followed by a thirty minute piece of music, followed by a fifteen minute piece of music, followed byb a seven minute and thirty second piece of music, followed by chaos as the DJ attempts to juggle terribly small tracks.

  1. Fred Frith's Pacifica (1993-1995) This majestic setting of a Neruda poem and other texts has been a thorn in the Eclectic Guy's side. He keeps trying to play it in its entirety, but always chickens out and fades out after half an hour or less. So his dedicated listeners must have a taste for it, and are ready to pay attention to the whole thing.
  2. Herbert Brün's Soniferous Loops (1964) (actually 14 minutes, so there's room for a station ID)
  3. Ligeti's Glissandi. (1957) 7:34
  4. Mitchell's The Jungle Line (4:24)
  5. From Électro clips (a collection of three-minute pieces)
  6. John Cage Sonata V (for Prepared Piano) 1:50
  7. All hell breaks loose, featuring the Residents, They Might be Giants, Annette Peacock, J.S. Bach, and Naked City.
2002-3-1 12 AM Women's History Month Week, with hostess Xenan Kredechie

Brix, Joules, Cynthia Chou, Kathy Harmon, Chandra Vega, Judy Garland, Anne Magnusun, Joni Mitchell, Annie Anxiety, Lydia Lunch, Christine Lavin, Annie Ross, Rickie Lee Jones, The Sugarcubes, Peggy Seger, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Gloria Steinem, Lorien, Amy Lowell, Nina Simone, Gertrude Stein, Annette Peacock, Amelia Earhart, Princess Elizabeth & Princess Margaret, P.J. Harvey, Kate Bush, Carla Bley, Emily Dickinson, Bessie Smith, Billy Holiday, Leslie Scalapino, Amasong, Kate MacDowell, Danielle Chynoweth, Dar Williams, Anne Feeney & Xenan Kredechie.

2002-3-27 12 AM McSweeny's 6: McSweeney's vs. They Might be Giants, in anticipation of Eggers' visit      
2002-4-10 12 AM Oh shit is it a pledge drive? Luckily, my man Warren Burt is there to talk about independent radio in Melbourne and engage with me in improvisational music of severely dubious commercial potential.   20020410burta & 20020410burtb & 20020410burtc & 20020410burtd  
2002-4-24 12 AM  Michael Holloway's poetry class at the School for Designing a Society      
2002-5-8 12 AM Whoops!      
2002-5-22 12 AM Sugarplastic & electronic music      
2002-6-5 12 AM  Serious Folking Music with Paul Kotheimer      
2002-6-19 12 AM  Samuel Beckett & the Firesign Theatre      
2002-7-3 12 AM Interview with Unknown Cincinnati Poet Dirk Stratton      
2002-7-17 12 AM Interview with Nick Montfort, co-author of 2002 and author of The Help File      
2002-7-31 12 AM Donald Barthelme      
2002-8-14 12 AM Collage Techniques

Kenneth Gaburo, John Oswald, Paul Kotheimer, Rascal Reporters, The Tape Beatles, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Spike Jones, No Imagination, Negativland, They Might be Giant's "Fingertips," The Beatles' "Revolution 9", and featuring The Bran Flakes' new album "Bounces."!

Strange but this cassette from 1992: The Tape Beatles' "The Grand Delusion" from the Plagiarism label, contains lots of horrifying mixes of speeches about the War on Terrorism and Osama bin Laden. You would never recognize those speeches as not from this year. After playing side one (I think, since the sides aren't labeled) of that, I mixed George Bush (Sr.)'s "On The Commencement of the Bombing of Iraq" speech, mixed with some Naked City and Authentic Sound Effects Volume II. Although this point may have been lost on the poor listener, it was a strange reminder of how today's speeches were written a decade or more ago. In 2002 we are being fed a pumped-up revision of the policies we voted out in 1992 (the Eclectic Guy, 14.8.2002 9:30:59 PM CST).

2002-8-28 12 AM The Chamber Music of Rick Burkhardt      
2002-9-11 12 AM September 11 w/Prince Myshkins      
2002-9-25 12 AM Tom Cora R.I.P.

We all make mistakes. We get old and we accumulate certain regrets. For example, I once could have bought the record Tom Cora and the Ex. The record is, essentially, a Dutch anarchist punk band with a lead cellist. Who would have thought something like that could ever go out of print? I mean, it was the 1980s. It was all about watching the Iran-Contra hearings, smoking crack, getting AIDS, and listening to great alternative punk on vinyl. The music seemed to go on forever. I never thought it would end. On the positive side, I did manage to retain a cassette copy of Tom Cora and the Ex, recorded for me by an airshifter whon used to come on right before me at WEFT: Doug Down. Doug was the sort of guy who would thrive at WEFT back before WEFT became the jazz and blues station. I mean, that guy was eclectic. He had the sort of musical taste that would get you thrown in jail in slightly less repressive societies. And I guarantee that wherever Doug is now, he still has Tom Cora and the Ex, and I'll wager it's in playable to mint condition, sheathed in a clear plastic square.

And the fucked up thing is that I think Tom Cora and the Ex might have put out a second record.

But #1 on The Eclectic Guy's list of Digitally Remastered Fantasy Rereleases would undoubtedly be Learn to Talk by Skeleton Crew, yet another record by Tom Cora.

2002-10-9 12 AM  Pledge Retrospective      
2002-10-23 12 AM Fred Frith      
2002-11-6 12 AM Prince Myshkins      
2002-11-20 12 AM White Noise White Heat, by Larry McCaffery      
2002-12-4 12 AM Instructional Music featuring Sesame Street sings the Alphabet, Schoolhouse Rock, Nature Songs, & Lou & Peter Berryman.      
2002-12-18 12 AM History of Twelve-Tone with Rick Burkhardt & Mark Enslin: Schoenberg, Webern, Adorno, Haydn      
2002-12-24 12 AM  Malcolm X-Mas with William S. Burroughs, Funkadelic, and Bongwater      
2002-12-25 12 AM History of Electronic Music with Rick Burkhardt & Mark Enslin: Messaien, Varese, Brün, Ligeti, Cepstral, Futrelle, DeFotis, Roxy Music, & Devo.      
2003-1-1 12 AM  Eclectic Guy's 33 1/3rd Birthday! VINYLGASM.       
2003-1-15 12 AM Newspoetry newsparty new years eve reading      
2003-1-29 12 AM History of United States with Stan Freberg & Firesign Theater      
2003-2-12 12 AM Proofs, by George Steiner      
2003-2-26 12 AM Carl & Mindy      
2003-3-12 12 AM  Dead Aria I & Martin Spinelli      
2003-3-26 12 AM  Dead Aria II & Martin Spinelli      
2003-4-9 12 AM ? Off the air      
2003-4-23 12 AM Radio Radio: Charles Bernstein      
2003-5-7 12 AM Off the air      
2003-5-21 12 AM Leo Connnelan's Crossing America      
2003-6-4 12 AM Radio Radio: Gregory Whitehead      
  Last Show      
2004-1-1 12 AM OMIGOD... IT'S ALIVE! on BSR 88.1 Providence, RI. BSRLIVE.COM
2004-9-22 12 AM 9-10 PM Anselm Berrigan & The Prince Myshkins.    20040922burkhardt.mp3  
2004-9-23 12 AM 1-2 AM Rick Burkhardt, Chamber Music.    20040922burkhardtB.mp3  
2004-9-29 12 AM 1-2AM The Prince Myshkins LIVE IN CONCERT AN UNBELIEVABLE EVENT YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS AND ANYWAY IT IS ARCHIVED ON THE WEB SO YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. LISTEN TO THIS BEFORE THE ELECTION.  "It's good that you got out of California, because even though you've been complaining about it since you moved there, and even though you've written many songs about how terrible it is, since Schwarzenegger became governor of that supposedly left wing state, just living there makes you look bad. It would be like saying: 'Yeah we live at Disneyland. It's got its charm. We live on the Matterhorn, our apartment has a view of the pirate ship. There's a strong activist community there actually...'" 20040929myshkins.mp3  
2004-10-3 12 AM "I Am Sitting In A Room," by Alvin Lucier, with John Cage, Uncle Bonsai, David Bowie singing Jacques Brel, and the Monks of Doom singing Frank Zappa.    20041002iamsittinginaroom.mp3  
2004-10-6 12 AM Mairead Byrne Interview.  "...too much attention is paid to poetry, i think, not enough to the poet. so much of the literary industry seems dedicated to the cult of content. so for this show, i'd like to focus on the poet. the you. your writing is now, but you are forever. your poetry writes you. people know your poetry by you. i would if i could talk to your poetry about you, get it to answer a few questions."   20041006mairead.mp3  
2004-10-10 12 AM 1-2 AM, Herbert Brün    20041009brun.mp3  
2004-10-17 12 AM György Ligeti    20041016ligeti.mp3  
2004-10-20 12 AM   BERNADETTE MAYER.   20041020bernadette.mp3  
2004-10-24 12 AM Sunday Morning 1-2 AM. Loren's Mix.       
2004 Eclectic Seizure Radio Theater Collective       
2004-10-31 12 AM Election Day is Halloween. "Autumn brought election day so closely on the heels of Halloween that the final moments of the presidential campaign were revealed as masquerade. The crescendo of the pageant, two homecoming kings. Plastic so lifelike, their rehearsed mannerisms, the sturdy brushstrokes of the world they paint. 20041030electiondayhalloween.mp3  
2004-11-3 12 AM  STEVE LACY MEMORIAL w/ ROBERT CREELEY & IRENE AEBI.   20041103lacy.mp3  
Sunday November 7th, 1-2 AM 2004  John Gulino Plugged    20041107doofgoblin.mp3  
2004-11-14 12 AM Tyler's Mix. Soundcollage and John Zorn's Spillane.
2004 Nov 17 ENGLISH 10 FM.  "English 10, Electronic Writing, a class at Brown University this fall and next spring, including the writing and performing of Samantha Cornwall, Nicholas Friesner, Ming Holden, Sunil Hebbar, Francesca Rios, Malika Rubens-Davis, Alex Sears & Donald Tetto along with incidental guitar music by Giga Shane, a guy I met in the grreen pastures of New College in Sarasota FL, & Jimi Hendrix performing most of a Bob Dylan song live at the historic Monterey Pop Festival concert in 1967, & and 2 b-sides not on Robyn Hitchock & Gillian Welsh's new album Spooked. This has been electric literature."    
2004 November 18,  midnight in the morning, Kaija Saariaho. The Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho (born 1952) has been living  and working in Paris since 1982. In 1982 she attended courses in computer music at IRCAM in Paris, since when the computer  has been an important element of her composing technique.    20041117a_kaiija.mp3
2004 December 1 , Nick Montfort. Electronic Music and Electronic Literature.   20041201nickm.mp3  
2004 December 6 Captain Beefheart.   20041204beef.mp3  
2005-2-6 12 AM Quartet for the End of Time.
& Cole Porter & Henryk Gorecki.
Xing. Language Poetry and songs named after years in chronologic order. (This show was not archived but I attempted to play songs named after years a second time in April, which archive is available below).
2005-2-13 12 AM Charles Olson, Conlon Nancarrow, and deranged piano music.    20050213olson.mp3  
2005-2-20 12 AM Michael Gizzi and Charles Ives. Featuring an in-studio reading of newer work by Michael Gizzi. About four hours of really fairly difficult to listen to but nontheless breathtaking music. Conversations about Ives. Poetry by Michael. And then a collapse into sweet songwriting, followed by a stiff nightcap of Gizzi. Part I: Hardcore Ives & Gizzi.
Part II: Large Gizzi reading, more Ives but then less Ives
2005-2-27 12 AM Imaginary Cities. PART 1: Italo Calvino, Kool Keith, Bob Perelman.
PART 2: Mark Blitzstein. Ellen Taaffe Zwilich. 
2005-3-6 12 AM Retroactive Correction with Dirk Stratton PART 1: Poetry & permuted pianos.
Part 2: Ballet Mechanique x 2.
2005-3-11 12 AM The Sugarplastic.  20050311sugar.mp3  
2005-3-13 12 AM Mairead Byrne. Ruth Crawford & Peggy Seeger.  20050313Amairead.mp3
2005-3-20 12 AM Gil-Scott Heron.
Harry Partch. 
2005-4-10 12 AM Burning Deck Poets.
George Clinton.
2005-4-14 12 AM 100 Songs in 60 Minutes.    20050415_100songs.mp3  
2005-4-15 12 AM Tangoesque.    20050415tango.mp3  
2005-4-17 12 AM Vulpine.     
2005-4-21 12 AM Songs named after years.    20050421years.mp3  
2005-4-24 12 AM Encyclopedia .    20050424encyclopedia.mp3

2005-4-30 12 AM Lorien's Mix: Eclectic Seizure.    20050430lorien.mp3  
2005-5-1 12 AM Lorien Carsey, Joshua Corey & William Gillespie read poetry. 20050501josh1.mp3
2019-5-8 12 AM Last show ever! Almost! English 10.
William's Mix
2019-5-14 12 AM Five Last Shows Radio Free Istanbul: music and poetry in Turkish, with Fulya.
American Political Song.
Dude.Automator on the Fader? with Matt.
William's Retro Jams.
Jen Tynes.
The Unknown.
Spineless Books
  William and friends continue as Rock Geek FM    
2009-01-03 Power Pop What is Power Pop? Listen as Cristy explains the difference and spins crunchy earcandy. Our first radio show together, at the numbingly early hour (for us) of 8 a.m. Saturday. You can hear the pain and trepidation in our voice, but none of that is to be heard in this explosive mix of Power Pop classics. 20090103powerpop.mp3  
2009-01-09 Worst Guitar Solos of all Time Saturday on Rock Geek FM, we will celebrate Cristy’s birthday with a show dedicated to the WORST GUITAR SOLOS OF ALL TIME, taking a cue from a hilarious article in a 2004 issue of Guitar World magazine. Rick has suggested “Cover of the Rolling Stone” by Dr. Hook and “Like a Hurricane” by Neil Young. Larry goes with Wilco’s “I’m the Man Who Loves You.” 20090109guitarsolos.mp3  
2009-01-11 Film On Rock Geek FM: Songs about the movies. Actors, actresses, films, the movies, and other songs we snuck in on a technicality. Pop some corn, get a gallon of iced soda, fight for an armrest, and download this MP3. 20090111film.mp3  
2009-01-17 Great Covers   20090117covers.mp3  
2009-01-29 <2:00 tune in as Cristy and I come to blows about the most important question facing our nation at this critical time: what are the best songs two minutes or less (fewer) in length? In our one-hour show (8-9 a.m. Central Time), we will be able to play only 40 of these songs, so discretion will be fundamental. 20090129twominutes.mp3  
2009-01-31 Songs That Refer To Their Own Bands Saturday the 31st on Rock Geek F.M. Cristy and I are looking for songs that name their own band—songs whose lyrics include the name of the band that plays them. Unfortunately, we must steer away from rap for this theme, as it is part of the genre for rappers to discuss themselves. When it happens in a rock song, though, it can be a bit jarring. 20090131refers to own band  
2009-02-07 Songs That Refer to Other Bands This week we’re dedicating our radio show to songs that refer to other bands. 20090207refer to other bands  
2009-02-14 Songs Named After Women (part 1) For Valentine’s Day Cristy and I are going to dedicate a show to songs named after women, especially songs named after Judy or Caroline, as we have found enough songs about these two ladies to make a collage. 20090214womenA-Z.mp3  
2009-02-21 Songs Named After Women N-Z   20090221women N-Z.mp3  
20090228 The Rock Inbox   20090228NEWMUSIC.mp3  
2009-03-01 Songs About Space   20090301space.mp3  
2009-03-01 Space (alternate recording)   20090301space_amp.mp3  
2009-03-01 Space (alternate alternate recording)   20090301spacesongs.mp3  
      20090314women in rock  
2009-03-21 Food Our Songs about Food show was HARD-ROCKING TESTOSTERONE-SOAKED MAYHEM! 20090321food.mp3  
2009-03-28 Rick Halberg's Psychedelic Soul 20090328halbergpsych  
    20090328soul from the board  
2009-04-04 Songs with Strings   20090404 strings.mp3  
2009-04-11 Joe Boyd's White Bicycles   20090411boyd.mp3  
2009-04-18 Songs With Brass   20090418brass.mp3  
2009-04-25 1987 vs. 1996   20090425_1987_1996.mp3  
20090502 1987 VS. 1996 PT. 2 / PLEDGE DRIVE   20090502pledge1987b.mp3  
2009-05-09 PLEDGE DRIVE   20090509pledge.mp3  
2009-05-16 ANIMALS Sunday, while I attended the Vintage Vinyl sale in search of $1 AC/DC LPs, Cristy took over our radio show and spun songs about animals. Except for the opening track, we decided that songs about dogs and cats, as well as songs about insects, would each merit a separate, future show. But mammals, birds, fish, and arachnids are all represented here. 20090516animals.mp3  
2009-05-23 Nightime Sunshine This Saturday, guest host Anderson will be offering “Nighttime Sunshine”, an exploration of one thread of L.A.’s Paisley Underground scene; the evolution and influence of David Roback and Kendra Smith. At the ungodly hour of 8-9 AM ILLINOIS TIME on, or 90.1 FM for those lucky enough to live in the coolest town in the world. 20090523anderson.mp3  
2009-05-30 The Great Philosophers

Partridge say: "People will always be tempted to wipe theoir feet on anything with "welcome" written on it.

      20090606pete and teresa getting married  
2009-06-20 The Rock Inbox   20090620new.mp3  
2009-06-29 METAL! With Jason Greenly 20090629metal.mp3  
2009-07-04 July 4   20090704 july 4.mp3  
2009-07-11 Summer   20090711summer.mp3  
2009-07-18 Songs With Numbers part 1 (1-13)   20090718_1-13.mp3  
2009-07-25 Songs About Sleep   20090725sleep.mp3  
2009-07-26 Women and Country   20090726womenmakingwavescountry  
20090801 The Rock Inbox   20090801newmusic.mp3  
2009-08-08 The Shallow End   20090808shallow end.mp3  
2009-08-09     20090809womenmakingw  
2009 08 15 Americana with Craig Scoggins 20090815craig.mp3  
2009-09-05 Shack, with Honcho 20090905shack.mp3  
2009-09-12 Dogs and Cats   20090912dogscats.mp3  
2009-09-18 The Rock Inbox   20090919newmusic.mp3  
2009-09-26 Rock for Kids   20090926kids.mp3  
2009-10-03 Long Rock Songs   20091003longrocksong.mp3  
2009-10-10 Songs About TV   20091010tv.mp3  
2009-10-24 Songs About Bugs   20091024bugs.mp3  
2009-10-31 Halloween with Honcho 20091031HonchoHalloween.mp3  
20091107 The Moon   20091107MOON.mp3  
2009-11-14 Songs About Coffee   20091114coffee.mp3  
2009-11-23 Honcho and the Police (the band)   20091123 Police 2.mp3  
2009-11-23 Honcho and the Police (the band) Cristy, Honcho, and William devote two hours of Rock Geek F.M. to the three members of the Police, the Police, and other projects they’ve been involved with. There is a lot of pent-up passion for this band released here, as well as deeper tracks. Listen, Love, Learn, the arresting music of the Police. 20091123 Police.mp3  
2009-12-05 Experimental Music With Text William hosted Alex Laxarevich’s Mod Bit and played new music with various permutations and mutilations of text. 20091205modbittexts.mp3  
      20091206 holly go li..  
2019-12-07 Werd Band Names with Doug Hoepker 20091207doug weird b.  
2009-12-21 XMas with Rick Halberg   20091221xmas with ri..  
2009-12-28 Year in Review   20091228yearinreview..  
2010-10-03 Microtonal Andrew Heathwaite and Paul Kotheimer joined William Gillespie on Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman’s experimental music show Fanfare for the Speeding Bullet, and they spent an hour explaining, discussing, playing, and performing microtonal music, with an emphasis on just intonation and equal divisions of the octave. Get in the cracks and listen. 20100103microtonal.mp3  
2010-01-05 Radio   20100105radiosongs.mp3  
2010-01-18 Instrumentals / Chamber Rock   20100118instrumental..>  
2010-01-25 Songs With Talking   20100125talking.mp3  
2010-02-01 Banjology Banjologist and Bookglutton CEO Travis Alber hosted our show last night, spinning independent rock featuring the banjo. The show was fun, but educational, but haunting, and yet homey. A fun gathering around the glowing fire of the WEFT transmitter. Throw some mint in your julep and listen in. 20100201banjo.mp3  
2010-02-08 Mirrors   20100208mirrors.mp3  
2010-02-15 Honcho On a dark, frozen, dangerous snowy night, DJ J Anderson joined us for a night of lesbian vampire soundtrack weirdness that can only be surrendered to. At the end you can hear a song performed live in the studio by Cara Maurizi on WEFT Sessions. 20100215anderson.mp3  
2010-02-22     20100222carwontstart..  
2010-03-01 Songs With Lists   20100301lists.mp3  
2010-03-08     20100308WOMYN.mp3  
2010-03-15 The Clientele 20100315clientele.mp3  
2010-04-05 Songs About Weapons   20100405weapons.mp3  
2010-04-12 The ROCK Inbox   20100412newmusic.mp3  
2010-04-18 Experimental Music for Voice As a sub for Fanfare for the Speeding Bullet, the avant-garde show, I had it in mind to do an entirely a capella show focusing on experimental music for voice. I really wondered what two hours of anticommunicative voices would feel like. People talking to you who did not want anything from you. Halfway through, the usual host, who was supposed to be taking the night off, showed up and hovered nervously. Perhaps to Jason I was playing the wrong avant garde music. But isn’t that the point? 20100418fanfareexper..  
2010-04-19 Roky Erickson On April 19, to celebrate both the triumphant release of the new Roky Erickson album and the announcement that Roky and Okkervil River would be performing at Urbana’s Pygmalion Music Festival, Honcho from Normal took us on a tour of Roky’s rich, twisted catalog. Come on down and drop out, Texas style. 20100419roky.mp3  
2010-04-26 Psychedelic   20100426psychedelic.mp3  
2010-05-03 Honcho and the Church   20100503AndersonChur..>  
2010-05-10 Songs About Sports   20100510sports.mp3  
2010-05-17 Jobs Songs about jobs. Working them, hating them, losing them, finding them, hating them, quitting them. A surprising number of musicians with no jobs have expressed anxiety on this topic. Sometimes music delves into deeper truths than love and beauty. Punch in, turn on, and download. 20100517jobs.mp3  
2010-05-31 Rock and Roll about Rock and Roll Is it a sign that a band has lost its way when they record a song about how rock and roll is totally kick-ass? I mean, how many putrid examples can you think of? The Stones, Bob Seger, Huey Lewis, Kiss… Ew ew ew. Hurting for ideas? Or do they really think those songs are a contribution? It’s a problem. Well, one we couldn’t resist exacerbating. Here’s a couple hours of preaching to the converted. 20100531rockandroll.mp3  
2010-06-07 Big Star It’s about time someone did a two-hour radio show on big stars Big Star, while one of them is still alive. That someone is Honcho. 20100607bigstar.mp3  
2010-06-14 The Rock Inbox   20100614inbox.mp3  
2010-06-21 Out of Their Element   20100621outoftheirel..>  
2010-06-28 Jazz with Jason Finkelman On 28 June 2010 Cristy and William were joined by guest host percussionist and jazz scholar Jason Finkelman, who took us on a tour of the wild, sophisticated borderland of jazz and rock. Two hours of this left us pretty much speechless. 20100628FINKELMAN.mp3  
2010-07-05 Syd Barrett In this episode, we are joined by Honcho, who leads us on a two hour discussion of Syd Barrett, featuring original and rare songs from Syd, early “The” Pink Floyd, and various cover artists. Another true collaboration as the three of us each hand-pick tracks from the small pool of Syd’s output, in which the fishies swim, crystal blue. This is our tribute to one of our most revered musicians. 20100705syd.mp3  
2010-07-19 The Rock Inbox   20100719inbox.mp3  
2010-08-16 The Rock Inbox   20100816inbox.mp3  
2010-08-23 Songs About Cars Rick Halberg joins us to discuss the history of rock and roll music as viewed through the lens of songs about cars. In the words of the Dude, I fucking hate the Eagles man. But what Glen lacks, Ike Turner got. And what neither Frey nor Turner can provide, Freddie Mercury got covered. A splendid mix, deep and educational. Featuring Rock Geek News: hilarity ensues. 20100823rick_cars.mp3  
2010-08-30 The Rock Inbox   20100830inbox.mp3  
2010-09-06 Honcho   20100906anderson.mp3  
2010-09-13 Doug Hoepker   20100913doug.mp3  
2010-09-20 The Rock Inbox   20100920inbox.mp3  
2010-09-27 Songs About Rain   20100927rain.mp3  
2010-10-04 Bowie Rarities To give the listener a unique trip, Honcho and William may have neglected album tracks which cannot, in most cases, be improved upon by David Bowie or by anybody else. Still, with nearly half a century of solid material to edit into two hours, something had to get neglected. We present David Bowie in roughly chronologic order, from 1967 through the turn of the millennium. Commentary aplenty, including a withering dissection of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s latest round of draft picks. Another collaboration, with William and Cristy handling matters through the Ziggy Stardust era, and Honcho blazing on to the present. 20101004bowie.mp3  
2010-10-11 Trains   20101011trains.mp3  
2010-10-16 A Dialog in Mix For this show, Ethan Madarieta and William Gillespie took turns spinning songs chosen in response to the song the other one just played, creating a spontaneous lattice of segues, transitions, connections, arguments, and intermusical references. 20101016ethantagteam..>  
2010-01-18     20101018community co..>  
2010-10-18 The Rock Inbox   20101018inbox.mp3  
2010-10-25 Halloween with Honcho 20101025halloweenand..>  
2010-11-01 Champaign On November 1, John Steinbacher of Smile Politely Radio joined us, expertly mastering the WWII-era WEFT mixing board, and hosting a show of songs by national artists that mention “Champaign” (Illinois), and then, to fill the remaining hour and 45 minutes, songs by national artists that mention other downstate Illinois communities, songs by downstate Illinois bands that mention Champaign, songs with “Champaign” in the title that are about something else, and bands that have the word “Champaign” in their name. At no point was REO Speedwagon played. Nor, apparently, does anybody have anything to say about “Urbana.” 20101101champaign.mp3  
2010-11-08 Money   20101108money.mp3  
2010-11-15 The Rock Inbox   20101115inbox.mp3  
2010-11-22 Scott Walker On a stormy 11/22 Honcho emerged from the mists to collaborate on a long-awaited Scott Walker show. We covered Walker’s career in chronologic order, touching on every solo album along the way. Honcho took part 1, William took it from there. 20101122scottwalker.mp3  
2010-11-29 Byrds Professor Philip Graham, the world’s preeminent Byrds scholar, joins us for a lively conversation about the surprising, important legacy of America’s first folk-rock, raga-rock, bluegrass-rock, and country-rock band. It seems that, in addition to being the best fiction coach in the world, Dr. Graham also boasts of knowing more about the band the Byrds than any other living human, including, it seems, the Byrds, whose memories of that great time, understandably, are a bit fogged. 20101129byrds.mp3  
2010-11-5     2010115inbox.mp3  
2010-12-06 Songs with Mellotrons   20101206mellotrons.mp3  
2010-12-13 The Rock Inbox   20101213inbox.mp3  
2010-12-20 X-Mas   20101220xmas.mp3  
2011-01-03 Side 1, Track 1 This show is an exploration of a very serious topic: good opening songs for albums. We kick off 2011 with lots of side one track ones. It’s like listening to 20 records for three minutes each. Much thought has likely been given by bands and producers to which song to put first. Here we try to unpack some of that, while, in the mix, saving ourselves a lot of time queuing CDs. 20110103trackone.mp3  
20110110 Songs with telephone voices   20110110phonevoices.mp3  
20110124 Songs With Phone Numbers   20110124phonenumbers..>  
2011-02-14 Robyn Hitchcock   20110214hitchcock.mp3  
2011-02-21 Radio Free Anderson w/Honcho   20110221anderson.mp3  
2011-02-22; Procul Harum Dr. Philip Graham, rock scholar, leads a rigorous discussion of the works, personnel, and history of Procol Harum, from their peculiar name and explosive, immediate success through their continuing contemporary relevance and most recent releases. 20110228proculharum.mp3  
2011-03-07 The Rock Inbox   20110307inbox.mp3  
2011-03-14 Dates, addresses   20110314dates_addres..>  
20110328 Beefheart   20110328beefheart.mp3  
2011-04-11 Fanfare for a New Mixtape   20110411fanfareforan..>  
2011-04-18 The Rock Inbox   20110418inbox.mp3  
2011-04-25 Songs with Numbers in the Title 13-27   20110425no13-27.mp3  
2011-05-16 Gene Clark Here is the sad story of master singer-songwriter and Byrds co-founder Gene Clark, as told to William by Philip Graham, rock scholar. Listen to Gene Clark’s life and work, from an early Byrds demo through his final recordings. 20110516geneclark.mp3  
2011-05-23 Songs About Books   20110523books.mp3  
2011-05-30 Circus Music   20110530circuses.mp3  
2011-06-06 The Rock Inbox   20110606inbox.mp3  
2011-06-15 Songs About Bees On the roller derby track and behind the microphone, she goes by the moniker Polly Nator, revealing a deeply rooted fascination with bees, insects, and all the little creatures that aid in pollination. As guest hostess, this star entomologist dazzles us with insect education, and spins two hours of songs about, mostly, bees, but also arachnids, insects, and other arthropods. 20110615pollynator.mp3  
2011-06-20 The Rock Inbox   20110620inbox.mp3  
2011-07-18 The Rock Inbox   20110718inbox.mp3  
2011-07-25 Bad Parties (Part 2)   20110725badparties_p..>  
2011-08-08 The Sun   20110808thesun.mp3  
2011-08-16 John Martyn with guest host Philip Graham 20110816martyn.mp3  
2011-08-22 The Rock Inbox   20110822inbox.mp3  
2011-09-05 The Rolling Stones   20110905stones.mp3  
2011-09-12 Guest host "Genghis" John Gehner   20110912gehner.mp3  
2011-09-19 The Rock Inbox w/Honcho   20110919inboxhoncho.mp3  
2011-10-03 Songs Named After Years   20111003years.mp3  
2011-10-10 Rádio Macau In the words of guest host Philip Graham… “This show will be about one of the world’s greatest rock bands that you never heard of, Rádio Macau. Why haven’t you heard of them? Well, they’re Portuguese, and the rock traditions of other countries, outside of England, don’t travel easily to our country. It’s our loss. Rádio Macau formed in the early new-wavish 80s, had several iconic hits and has continued brilliantly right to the present day. Lead singer Xana is one of the great voices of rock ‘n’ roll (think Brian Ferry after a sex change operation). How good are they? Their masterpiece, 2000’s Onde O Tempo Faz A Curva (Where Time Curves), predates Radiohead’s Kid A by several months, and yet cuts that album, and sets the stage for many experiments to come in the following decade.”
2011-10-31 Halloween!   20111031halloween.mp3  
2011-11-07 Songs About Babies   20111107babies.mp3  
2011-11-14 The Self-reflexive Hour (Songs that refer to themselves)   20111114self-reflexi..>  
2011-11-28 Songs About Numbers (28-52)   20111128numbers28-52..>  
2011-12-05 Songs About Winter   20111205winter.mp3  
2011-12-12 The Rock Inbox   20111212inbox.mp3  
2011-12-19 X-Mas with Rick Halberg 20111219xmaswithrick..>  
2011-12-26 Radiohead B-Sides In the words of guest host Philip Graham, “Tonight’s show will be devoted to obscure Radiohead B-sides and such, studio cuts that somehow never made it to any of their CDs. The quality of these songs is uniformly excellent, leading to a repeated, inevitable, head scratching question, “Why didn’t they include THAT song? ….I have 48 such songs in my collection, ranging from their first album to their latest, , so there may very well be a second part of this themed-show, if William and Cristy are willing…” What a great way to make it across the divide between 2011 and 2012! Thanks, Philip.
2012-01-16 Honcho International He’s back, and back with a stack of dusty LPs from the Indian subcontinent. Around the world in two hours.
2012-01-30 Punk!   20120130punk.mp3  
2012-02-06 Punk, UK!   20120206UKpunk.mp3  
2012-02-20 Frreee form   20120220whatever.mp3  
2012-02-27 Post-Punk!   20120227postpunk.mp3  
2012-03-04 Songs About rockets   20120304rockets.mp3  
2012-03-13 Sattelites   20120313satellites.mp3  
2012-03-25 Honcho! Three generations of punks, from the Undertones to Bo Diddley to this little dude who came into the studio and just stood there staring at us for two hours even though we kept hinting rather strongly that would prefer he leave. Community radio + Classic Honchismo.
2012-04-02 Songs with Awkwarrd Pauses   20120402awkwardpause..>  
2012-04-09 Mojo   20120409mojo.mp3  
2013-10-19 Autumn Songs about Autumn. Music that turns colors and falls to the ground, music that is partially overcast, music that yields empty fields and provides a flicker of warmth in the encroaching coldness. 20131019autumn_off a..>  
2013-11-16 Miserable, Depressing Songs Hooray. An hour of some of the most depressing songs of all time. This show owes a huge debt to This Will End in Tears, by Adam Brent Houghtaling. Thanks, Adam! For the sorrow and misery. We were so eager to share with the rest of the world. Sniff. 20131116miserablists..>  
2013-11-25 Satellites Part 2 Songs About Satellites Part 2. William is alone in the capsule for this tight hour-long orbit. Featuring an entire block of songs about Soviet Satellites (and space dogs). 20131125satellites2.mp3  
2013-11-30 Bands Named After Food For Thanksgiving weekend, we’re turning the radio show into a cozy restaurant serving up five courses of bands named after food: appetizers, soup, entrees, fruit, and coffee with dessert. For various reasons, we have a limited menu of only one hour, so please be patient with our many specials and substitutions. And, oh yeah, we didn’t find any bands named Water, so you’ll have to make do with no beverages—we’re saving those for another show. Tuck in to our savory meal and listen. 20131130bandsnamedaf..>  
2013-12-09 Bad Parties Part 2   20131209badpartiespa..>  
2013-12-14 The Rock Inbox   20131214inbox.mp3  
2013-12-26 Ska DJ Reggaetone and I attempt to fit 3/4 waves of ska into two hours, replete with factoids, banter, and technical glitches. Dreaming of a black and white Christmas. We field requests via telephone, facebook, and cell, and wander into the treacherous cul-de-sacs of bands we’ve never heard but which have funny names, one of the features of third-wave ska.
2013-12-28 ScotRock Two hours of rock from Scotland! Has anybody coined the term Scotrock yet? If not, would it be unforgivable if we were to add that to the rock geek lexicon along with Krautrock and Mathrock? Assembled with thanks to Alister Smith, Glasgow correspondent Iain Matheson, and Ben from the Brighton Rock Geek Office!
2014-01-25 Japanese Psych Ethan Madarieta and Erin Hayes join William to share their expertise, and scratch the surface of the tip of the iceberg of Japanese psychedelic music. This is an hour-long primer or a genre known for half-hour-long songs, a gateway to the psychic labyrinth. Commit suicide, drive to Belgrade, hijack a plane, eat sushi on acid, tune in, and turn on.
2014-02-08 Surfabilly Freakout Formerly of former college radio station WPGU, the crew of Surfabilly Freakout in exile have landed on the shores of WEFT to spill an hour of hell-raising, hair-raising, cacti-and-bacon-infused tequila-soaked mayhem. Press play and stand way back from the radio or you may wake up in the next room in a sticky puddle of malt liquor with the tire tracks of a stolen pink-and-black Cadillac criss-crossing your face. This is high-voltage radio of the sort that gentle WEFT is barely able to broadcast without melting its equipment and triggering a prairie fire in its front-door weed garden. Gape as you listen to the internet-authenticated on-air Baptism of an enthused-if-bewildered two-month-old, and experience the elation of the entire crew on the day of Polkapallooza, or Porkapallooza. Hell, we don’t know. The rock geeks are riding in the rumble seat for this one. 20140208surfabillyfr..>  
2014-02-22 Songs That Do Not Glorify Drygs It wasn’t at all easy, but we put together an hour of rock songs that portray drugs in an unmistakably negative light. Get sober, get depressed, pull the covers up to your nose, turn off and tune in. 20140222songsthatdon..>  
2014-03-08 Monkeys Songs about monkeys. With Cristy, William, and Ba. Our second show in a row with a legitimate listener calling in a legitimate request—this time it was a two-year-old. Peel a banana, sit back on your favorite branch, and enjoy. 20140308monkeys.mp3  
2014-03-22 Comics and Cartoons; A sugary bowlful of songs about comics and cartoons, with colorful audio marshmallows from classic and vintage cartoons. Grab your favorite cereal, wriggle into those sleepers, and get comfortable on the carpet as close to the radio set as possible. 20140322comicsandcar..>  
2014-04-05 Nonexistent Bands Cristy, William, Heather Rose, & Tony Money gather to present and discuss some of the greatest songs recorded by nonexistent bands, from Ruben and the Jets to Spinal Tap to the Dukes of Stratosphear. Although we overflow the hour, we can’t get to everything, nor would we want to, so we also present a Rock and Roll Imaginary Hall of Fame. Of sorts. Great fun. 20140405imaginaryban..>  
2014-04-19 Radio Free Molly Molly Poganski lends her expertise and vinyl to the Rock Geek project, taking us over the borders to report on some of her favorite bands from Louisville and Bloomington, Indiana. She whips up an honest mix featuring emo, punk, nearly country, and numerous gems from the Magnetic South label. Download, tune in, get out your map of the flyover states and a sharpie, and add some missing links to your map of the musical world. Thanks, Molly!
2014-05-03 The Rock Inbox The Rock Inbox: new music.
2014-05-17 Ghosts   20140517ghosts1.mp3  
20140531   Up up and away! One more hour of music about comics and cartoons, loaded with soundbites as tasty as marshmallows in your Saturday morning cereal. 20140531comics+carto..>  
2014-06-07 Songs About Ghosts (Part 2) Part 2 (following part 1) of songs about ghosts. An hour of haunted rock. Dim the lights, pull the covers up to your nose, and listen to these songs that go bump in the night? 20140607ghosts2.mp3  
2014-06-09 Degenerative Music Experiment: This show consists of three twenty-minute excerpts from hour-long pieces of music, each of which is built from a process of allowing a sounds source to naturally decay. Results: An hour of listener-unfriendly radio that sounds like sounds like the station, or possibly music itself, or even civilization, is melting into static. Love it. 20140609degenerative..>  
2014-06-30 Legal Matters Songs about legal matters, lawyers, police, jail, punishment, release, and songs with actual courtroom scenes. 20140630legalissues.mp3  
2014-07-12 Tributes to other musicians In this hour, Cristy and William spin songs that are full-on tributes to other bands or musicians. We travel through rock, country, folk, full-on worship, winking references, from and to rock royalty and peasantry alike. Not covers, all originals. 20140712tributes.mp3  
2014-07-17 Dub

Reggaetone and MC Willy G spin two hours of dizzy dub, from Tubby to Fatty, from Scientist to the Meow Meows.


2014-07-17 Sickness and Doctors   20140717sicknessandd..>  
2014-07-19 Ska Covers   20140719skacovers.mp3  
2014-07-29 Country-Ass Music Like his heroes George Strait and Ketih Whitley, William is unapologetically Country. His songs, while rooted in the present, call to mind simpler times when the back porch was where folks gathered to network. The first track on this show, ‘Trash,’ paints a picture of rural life that speaks to his small town sensibilities. ”This song identifies who I am,” he says. ”It shows character and that’s important where I’m from. You learn to say ‘yes, ma’am’ and ‘no, sir,’ and to open the door for the ladies.” 20140729country-assm..>  
2014-08-01 Losers   20140801losers.mp3  
2014-08-09 Astonishing Debuts Cristy, William, and Baby Chaos identify their favorite stand-out debut albums from 1962 through the present, playing tracks from the greatest first albums released between 1976-1996. All accompanied by astute analysis, personal anecdotes, factual misunderstandings, and a rambunctious toddler. 20140809astonishingd..>  
2014-08-09 Freaks and Geeks   20140809freaksandgee..>  
2014-08-10 Imaginary Soundtracks A show dedicated to movie soundtrack music that never appeared in movies. We celebrate the fact that soundtrack music, especially Italian horror and western soundtracks, has become a musical genre detached from film. A dense, lush, funky, orchestral, and creepy mix. 20140810imaginarysou..>  
2014-08-31 Goth Subbing for one of our favorite shows Decayed Lace, we try our hand at goth rock, with a few moody digressions, closing with half an hour of music by bands whose names include the letter X, that most alien of alphanumeric characters. 20140831goth.mp3  
2014-08-09 How To Sing Like A Fat Guy   20140908howtosinglik..>  
2014-09-20 Birthday mix William’s 45th birthday party. Also Kurt Bielema’s 43rd. And Jessy’s (do the math). Straight from the Mackie mixer, a mix of old 45s, bad and worse, from an ad-hoc, Mad-Maxy, duct-taped-together assemblage of iffy turntables. Scratches, pops, warts and inexplicable variations in speed and all. All followed by a not-judiciously-enough edited collage of karaoke attempts. 20140920_45thbirthda..>;  
2014-09-28 Lunar Tranquility Subbing for the experimental/ambient show Fanfare for the Speeding Bullet, William offers a hypnotic two hours of arythmic, ambient, electronic music all meant to convey a sea of tranquility. Featuring guest appearances by JFK, Mission Control, and Elroy. 20140928lunarfanfare..>  
2014-09-29 Tangoesque Sitting in on the Beat Blender, William pours a gourdful of Argentine music, Argentine tango, and bastard tango from North America and Western Europe. 20140929tangoesque.mp3  
2014-10-31 Ghosts For Halloween this year, we descend to the cobwebby basement studio for a home-recorded show. This time for the web: Little Records Radio. We reprise parts one and two of songs about ghosts to fit the Little Records Radio format of music recorded between 1976 and 1995, and provide new commentary. We are haunted throughout by ghosts and gremlins banging on the microphone table and sending hums through the cheap Radio Shack microphone, but manage to make it to the finale. 20141031ghosts.mp3  
2014-11-22 Psychedelic Country Alice D. and Textasy host the international psychedelia show The New Elastic Infinite, and bring it down home with two hours of psychedelic country and western music, and find that the southern mind doesn’t always turn to thoughts of peace and love. Download or listen: 20141122psychedelicc..>  
2014-12-22   Uncle Johnny “Honcho” Anderson from Reverberation Vinyl joins us for a trip through the dubious facts but actual recordings of the artist known sometimes as “Lewis.” Hear what Lewis Truthers have to say, as well as some rare, somewhat recent, and barely released material from one of Lewis’s many noms de plume.
2015-01-26 A-Z 26 songs, signifying A-Z, in one hour, from the Muppets to hardcore punk. Join us in this race against time. 20150126abcdefghijkl..>  
2015-03-33 Synth Brittania From Anthony Burgess, J.G. Ballard, and William Carlos to Wendy Carlos, The Silicon Teens, and the Human League, we dig up the crunchy roots of primitive Brit-synth in the first half of a two-part show. Download here or listen below. This show owes a debt to the BBC documentary Synth Brittania as well as the book Mad World, with a special thanks to Doug Hoepker for research assistance and tune-sharing. 20150330britishsynth..>  
2015-04-27 Synth Brittania Part 2 In part two of our loving narrative of the rise of the synthesizer in British post-punk, we hand-pick a bouquet of our favorite earlier examples of the genre. Wendy Carlos, as before, makes a surprise guest appearance or two. 20150427britishsynth..>  
2015-05-25 Austin Austin and William sit in for Jason Finkelman on Fanfare for the Speeding Bullet. William finishes a bottle of chartreuse to numb himself while Austin spins—no, wait, his music is all on the cloud—rains avant-garde jazz and noise and to mix it up a little noise-jazz with Anthony Braxton and Wolf Eyes. With just enough squonk. Right in the middle of the calamity, enjoy the calming sounds of Atmospheres—an homage to Kubrick in anticipation of our soundtrack show the next day, recorded the previous weekend.

20150525 No Name and Soundtracks Art Theater manager and all-around film lover and hater, REDACTED, joins us for a spirited hour of odd music removed from its context and rolled in vigorously unstructured dialog.
2015-06-15 The Songs of Bertholt Brecht vs. the House Un-American Activities Committee Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Rock Geek FM party? Here’s an hour of songs with lyrics by Bertholt Brecht, performed by a variety of artists, and interspersed with recordings of Brecht’s interrogation by the HUAC. 20150615brecht.mp3  
2015-06-29 Dylan's First Album and the Songs it was Based On Drawing inspiration from the LP, Constructing the Legend, William plays through every song on Bob Dylan’s eponymous debut followed by the song that inspired it, with additional information about the artists, and an ad hoc reading of Rick Wakeman’s eulogy to Chris Squire. In all, a lot of deep history is swept into Bob Dylan’s first collection, before he became … BOB DYLAN! 20150629dylansfirsta..>  
2015-07-05 Music About America At the end of a lovely Independence Day weekend, Austin and William stand in for Jason Finkelman on Fanfare for the Speeding Bullet, bringing you music from the distant fringes of jazz and the flip side of patriotism.
2015-07-27 Kurt Bielema Prior to his live radio concert on The WEFT Sessions, Kurt Bielema joins William to share his eclectic musical history of alter egos, unreleased tracks, his work with the scorching Angie Heaton, and new and old tracks from teen metal to trip hop to power pop to kids playing improvised jazz piano for six hands. Featuring a quiz: a guest appearance by Cristy “Rockcyclopedia” Scoggins who is charged with guessing the birth years of rock stars of note who celebrated birthdays in the previous two weeks.
2015-08-08 Cole Porter 20150808coleporterob..>  
2015-08-09 These Are A Few Of Austin's Favorite Things Babysitting Fanfare for the Speeding Bullet, Austin McCann and William deliver two hours of unplanned or intentional technical and musical problems, with an emphasis on implausible cover songs, featuring an entire hour of a beloved Julie Andrews song being brutally stripped of all innocence, and most of its melody. 20150809austinsfavor..>  
2015-08-24 Country Joe and the Fish Neal Cassady Chair of Psychedelic Folk Art Philip Graham and Professor of Rockthropology Alma Gottlieb lead Cristy and William through some of the uncharted early albums of the nexus of the cultural myth known as the “Summer of Love.” Learn which ruthless, murderous dictator the pacifist Country Joe was named after, and which band member went on to be a voice actor for the Smurfs. And lots of great music eclipsed in the shadow of the Grateful Dead and Woodstock. All recorded in an authentic underground basement. 20150824countryjoe.mp3  
2015-09-07 Closing Tracks   20150907closingtrack..>  

L+=really fun to listen to
A=archivable moments
A+=must archive
X=bad sound quality